In order to write great software, you have to understand the task, be able to break it up into suitable components and then thoroughly test those components.

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Talking to an expert can help clarify your plan and figure out what you need. Our wide experience in software projects gives us the ability to estimate the possibilities and risks involved in most types of software projects.

Use our consulting services to map your path to success. We can also help find the right developers or take part in the development work ourselves.

Areas of Interest

We love working on projects involving computer graphics, image processing and games. Current favorite programming languages include Lua and Python. We have a lot of past experience interfacing with consumer digital cameras. We also have recent experience working databases (SQL) and cloud services (GCP, AWS).

3D printers aren’t just restricted to printing sliced 3D models and can be driven directly with GCODE. Extruded plastic can produce amazing creations when you skip the slicer or modify the produced GCODE using a software filter.

If you need a programmer to work with virtual environments and combine that with some 3D-modeling, please get in touch. We would love to start doing projects to build better virtual worlds.

Embedded Computing

Experience programming 8-bit microcomputers is a solid foundation for creating efficient and compact designs for embedded and wearable products. Microcontrollers are most often programmed in C, C++ and MicroPython, but a solid understanding of microprocessor architectures and machine language is really useful as well.

The photo shows a cosplay that includes a small monochromatic OLED screen and NeoPixel RGB LEDs. The user interface is controlled using a twist and press knob control next to the display. A single 18650 Lithium Ion battery powers the whole costume and it’s housed in the tubular module right behind the display.

Mobile (iPhone/iPad)

It has been a few years since we worked on a native iOS/iPhone project, but if there’s a suitable project, we could catch up quickly. It would be nice to work on a Swift project, but this is admittedly not our current priority. For now, only interested in Apple’s mobile ecosystem and not really in Android or cross-platform iOS/Android.


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