We create 3D models based on your ideas and specifications.

Parametric 3D CAD makes product iterations a breeze.

3D-printed objects can often be produced within hours.


Parts to Fit Your Needs

If you are designing a product or making art, you may need a display stand or case to show off your product.

3D printing is a great way to produce one off or prototype parts. Filament deposition modeling (FDM) is relatively fast and very inexpensive, but other 3D printing technologies can be used when necessary.

The photo shows a rendering of a phone stand that was designed so that a round QI charger puck could be placed in the ideal position behind the phone.

Molds and Stamps

The 3D-printed part doesn’t have to be the end product. We have used 3D prints to shape items made out of real leather and as molds for use with Smooth-On platinum cure silicones.

Your design can be printed in plastic and when it is pressed against damp vegetable tanned leather, the design transfers permanently onto the leather.

Customized Items

Phone Cases

We are building a library of phone case models that can be 3D-printed with your design or logo. The logos and designs can even include multiple colors.

Cases are usually printed in tough, flexible print materials that will last for years and protects the phone from typical drops even onto hard floors or pavement.

We also design cradles for the phone cases to be used on vehicles such as cars or bicycles. Note that the holders are currently specific to each phone case size, but could be designed so that a single model works with more than, if necessary.

Labels and Signs

3D-printing is a great way to produce signs that look great and last a long time.

Material thickness can be varied to control transparency and of course parts of the sign can easily have holes.


Stencils can be printed in rigid of flexible materials depending on the use case. Place the stencil on the surface you want to mark and apply a bit of spray paint and you are done.

Replicas and Props

Props and Costume Parts

Props can be made to your specification, based on photos, sketches or ideas (original designs).

The dagger in the photo was 3D-printed as a cosplay prop based on low resolution screen captures of a television show prop. The sheath for the dagger combines leatherworking and decorative parts that were 3D-printed using black and gold filaments and then heat-fitted and glued onto the sheath.


We are proud to make replicas that not only look like the original, but can also behave similarly to the original item.

As an example, here’s a convention-safe replica of a PSE Chaos compound bow next to the original. The bow has been made safe by almost completely eliminating the power, but the cams still function like they do on the original, so the same kind of “let off” can be felt when the bow is used. Visually, the bow looks almost indistinguishable from the original, but it is lightweight to hold and operate. The replica was printed in PLA and the limbs have become more curved than they were originally. Some of the limb curve was also modeled into the replica to reduce the power.

3D-Printed Scale Models

Would you like a scale model of your cottage or sailboat to remind you of the good times? Our experience making cosplay props gives us the skills to produce accurate scale models using photo references.


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