Consumer 3D printers can make more than just trinkets.

All it takes is the right model and a little bit a of time and plastic.

“Gyrokey is a great tool. Clever engineering and fits perfectly to every screw.”

Practical Prints

The Gyrokey

The Gyrokey is a family of innovative screwdriver handles designed to be the perfect tool for assembling surfing hydrofoils. Currently available in Classic and Double-Decker versions.

Wingfoiling Boom

We love sustainable design that gives new life to used or broken items. Our best example is the HockeyBoom front and back end that convert a used carbon hockey stick into an lightweight, but highly affordable boom for certain wingfoiling wings.

A round profile version of the 3D models is also available and can be used with paddle shafts and other rods with a circular cross-section.

Phone Cases & Cradles

We are soon releasing a library of 3D-printable phone cases. Many different models with various beautiful designs will be available.

Cases can be printed using thermoplastic elastomers that will last for years and protect the phone from typical drops even onto hard floors or pavement.

For each case design, there will also be a specific cradle that can be used on vehicles such as cars or bicycles.

Cosplay Props

Superhero Costume Props

3D-printed props are a great way to enhance your cosplay. Our props are designed to be easily printed and fun to assemble. Many of them can optionally include electronics and have programmable lighting effects.

Print, build, paint and weather our prop models to add your own flair to the objects we have designed.

Note that all of our cosplay props are currently free to download, but if you would like to support our work, please consider buying some of our other 3D-printable models. We’re also open to paid commissions to make 3D-printed designs for your needs.

Cosplayers using our 3D models have been featured in two episodes of Marvel’s “Becoming” series. Our props are especially popular among Black Widow cosplayers.

Wearable Electronics

We have props with microcontrollers such as the Adafruit Trinkets and Arduino Nano to add interactive functionality. You can control the light patterns, animations, brightness and color on our props.

Functional Designs

We take pride in designing props that not only look right, but function in clever ways.

For example, our belt buckles can open and close, so you can use them as actual belt buckles. The reverse side of a 1.5″ belt buckle is shown on the left: it’s a fresh take on plastic buckle design.

The new version of the Black Widow backpack has a lid that opens and can be used to carry small items such as your phone or snacks.


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