Otto was born on December 17th, 1989. He passed away on December 5th, 2001.

In September, a lung edema was discovered and was suspected to be related to heart problems. Treatment of the edema was successful.

A month later diabetes was diagnosed. He was started on twice dialy insulin, but the respiratory problems re-emerged soon after and got progressively worse.

For the last 36 hours, he was unable to sleep and just sat there panting. We took him to the hospital where he spent his last hours in an oxygen tent.

The cause of death was probably Westie Lung Disease.

His original home page is here.

I now have a new dog, Eppu. He looks quite a bit like Otto, but he is very much his own charming personality.


Juri Munkki
Ehrensvärdintie 20B8



+358 9 41 11 00 42

>The ImageWriter doesn't understand QuickDraw any more than your dog does.
"Otto, MoveTo(0,0). LineTo(10,14). Stop scratching yourself and pick the
pen back up. FrameRect(0,0,20,34). Pensize(4,5). Stop sniffing around, the
4*5 pen is behind the couch, where you always put it. Oh, alright,
Pensize(1,1). OpenRegion. Oh, stop barking, I know you don't support
regions-- here, have a milk bone. PaintRect(2,4,5,6) HEY, NOT IN YELLOW!