Otto was born on December 17th, 1989. He's the pup of Minttu, who was then my aunt Pirjo's only dog. I was there to help with the delivery (got it all on video) and fell in love with this puppy.

He's a well-mannered, but determined West Highland White Terrier (Westie).

Dogs are like babies in that they should get a lot of attention and if you give it to them, the payback will be immeasurable.

Otto's favorite activities are eating, snooping around and socializing with other dogs at the beach and spending quality time with his relatives Penny and Tupsu (my aunt's Westies).

Don't get a dog unless you are willing to treat him/her as an equal.

Otto Movie


Juri Munkki
Ehrensvärdintie 20B8




+358 9 41 11 00 42

>The ImageWriter doesn't understand QuickDraw any more than your dog does.
"Otto, MoveTo(0,0). LineTo(10,14). Stop scratching yourself and pick the
pen back up. FrameRect(0,0,20,34). Pensize(4,5). Stop sniffing around, the
4*5 pen is behind the couch, where you always put it. Oh, alright,
Pensize(1,1). OpenRegion. Oh, stop barking, I know you don't support
regions-- here, have a milk bone. PaintRect(2,4,5,6) HEY, NOT IN YELLOW!