May I challenge you to a game of VF?

I remember when Space Invaders invaded Finland. My early favorites were Battlezone, Tempest, Star Wars, Gorf and a few games that I can no longer name. I was also addicted to Marble Madness, Assault and Gauntlet.

More recently, I started playing Virtua Fighter and pretty much gave up on other games. I started with Pai and then moved on to Sarah to improve my chances against other players.

Virtua Fighter 2 was a nice improvement over the first version. I actually did pretty well in VF2. I kind of prefer Pai in VF3, but I haven't played enough to get really good.

I guess movies could be considered a hobby too...There are simply too many interesting films to mention. For more exotic stuff, I go to the yearly Helsinki Film Festival and see about a dozen movies in a single week.


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