Dear Friend,

I have tried many hobbies in my time, but I guess the earliest one was reading. I have a pretty good collection of science fiction books in English.

In the summer of 1980, I saw an odd contraption on a lake in Myllymäki: a Mistral windsurfer. It was love at first sight and I have been windsurfing ever since that summer.

In February 1981, our physics teacher (a M. Valtat) had his students work on an assignment that involved the TI-57 programmable calculator. Again, it was love at first sight - it started my programming hobby (or career).

My father got me interested in photography quite early (I must have been about 10 years old), but in 1993, I had a chance to try a high end Kodak Digital camera. I finally bought my own digicam in March 1997.

There's more, but that's another postcard.


Juri Munkki
Ehrensvärdintie 20B8




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