Helsinki: daughter of the Baltic Sea

With about a million habitants in Helsinki and the surrounding area, it's not too small to tolerate, nor is it so big that it would have all the problems of really big cities.

The Baltic Sea is what makes Helsinki what it is. Temperatures are more moderate than inland and the breeze keeps the air fresh all the time.

There's a pretty good public transportation system. In fact, I did a web project for a course I was taking on one of the tram lines. It's in Finnish, but go ahead and explore: there are about 80 photographs from all over town there.

Although I live in Helsinki, many of the activities are actually in the city next to Helsinki: Espoo. That's where HUT, Data Fellows and SSH are and it's also where I go windsurfing.


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Did you know that the airport code for the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport is HEL?
Welcome to HEL.