Hello from Finland!

I have lived in this country the most part of my life, so I'm probably biased - one way or another.

I love the Finnish summers when days are long (days of sunlight instead of hours) and for the most part, life is pretty easy here.

In the winter, it doesn't really get as cold as some people imagine and if we have snow, it's not too miserable either. The short days have a significant effect on how my brain works, so I seem to do my best work in November and December.

All in all, we're a pretty good combination of a civilized country and a country where you can still find untouched beautiful wilderness.

About once a year (usually in early spring), I like to take at a few weeks off and travel.


Juri Munkki
Ehrensvärdintie 20B8





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Finland: the promised land of mobile phones... after a long struggle, I gave in and got one in December 1997.
Resistance was futile: I have been assimilated.