Back in my early days (1981), computers were expensive, so my first programs were written for a Texas Instruments TI-57 calculator. It memory for 49 instructions and 7 registers. It died out of sorrow a week after I sold it.

My father was hooked soon after me and bought an HP41CV. Great introduction to RPN. I never really liked my Sharp BASIC programmable much, so I moved on to the Apple II+ for a few years.

In 1983, I started looking for something better than the Apple II and in 1984, that thing came in the form of the original Macintosh.

Later, I started studying computer science.

Besides a lot of Macintosh experience, I have also used PCs a bit, Unix quite a lot and I was a registered NeXT developer back when the NeXT cube was the new kid on the block.


Juri Munkki
Ehrensvärdintie 20B8




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<<I'm about to get a 5300 and I was curious as to the status of their
Lithium Ion batteries. >>
No Lithium Ion batteries will be available until the middle of 1996 at the
earliest. As of about two weeks ago, Sony still did not understand the
cause of the battery fires.
Meanwhile, the Sony battery plant in Japan that made the batteries was
destroyed by fire in early November, taking with it about 3/4 of the
world's Lithium Ion battery production for computers.