Dear WebSurfers,

My networkable 3D game Avara was completed in September 1996. It has been played by hundreds of thousands Mac gamers since then (I wish it had as many registered users though).

It's published by Ambrosia Software, so go check their web site to download the game itself.

Avara puts you in control of a hostile environment combat and transport operations remote (H.E.C.T.O.R.).

New Avara missions (maps) can be created with drawing programs such as ClarisWorks or ClarisDraw (or even ShareDraw).

Avara has been called the most complete 3D environment in any Mac game.

Try it, it's only $20 shareware.

Registering will make me very happy!


Juri Munkki
Ehrensvärdintie 20B8




+358 9 41 11 00 42

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There is no try."
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