Cameraid Compatibility Notes

Created 1/1/2001

In the early days, a manufacturer would use a single protocol throughout the entire product line, so if one camera worked, others would also work with Cameraid.

Unfortunately it never was quite that simple and things are getting worse, since the number of camera models has increased beyond any possibility for me to test them all. I have to rely on reports from customers to determine which models will work with Cameraid and which do not.


Apple doesn't offer serial port support from CarbonLib, so support for downloads from serial devices had to be removed from the Carbon (MacOS X) version. The old "classic" version works under Classic on MacOS X and can be used to download photos, if necessary.

Card readers are an excellent alternative for serial port downloads under MacOS X. Unix-savvy users may want to look into gPhoto.

General Guidelines

These compatibility notes are for photo downloads through an old style serial port only. Cameraid does a lot more than that, so you should read the manual to find out what Cameraid can do for you. If you have a large number of JPEG files (any kind, from any kind of source), Cameraid can be very useful for organizing and renaming them.

Video Cameras

Digital video cameras can take stills and often store them on memory cards. It seems there's very little Mac software to interface with those cameras though.

You can use Cameraid, if you get a card reader or you have some other method of transferring the images to the computer. A card reader is usually the best solution. There's more information on card readers in the manual and below


USB to serial adapters will usually work quite well, although they are not any faster than old style serial ports.

If you only have a pure USB connection to your camera, you can't use the digital camera control window in Cameraid to do the transfers. If your camera came with software, you will either have to use that software, or use a card reader. USB card readers are quite inexpensive and often faster and more reliable than using a direct connection to the camera.

Compability for Serial Transfers

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Other Issues

Other Digital Cameras

If the make of your camera is not listed in the camera pop-up menu, you can reasonably safely try the Sanyo and Fuji protocol settings. They will either successfully wake up the camera or simply fail. I wouldn't expect them to do any harm to your camera or computer, as long as the cable you use is intended for your camera (using an Agfa cable can fry the serial port on a Fuji, even though they use the same connector).

Card Readers

These are the near-universal solution. Nearly all digital cameras produce JPEG files with EXIF headers and most of them now use removable memory cards. Cameraid works very well with all these photos.

In the current version of Cameraid, card readers are accessed through the shortcuts menu. The shortcuts comprise of an alias to the memory card (as it appears on the desktop). If the alias doesn't work, you may simply have to reset it to point to your memory card. As long as all your memory cards are named the same, it should work (the default name is "untitled", since that's how most cameras format the cards).

The second part of card reader support in Cameraid is a batch processor document that moves the files from the memory card and renames them in a single step. The original is first copied and then deleted, if the copy was successful.

The third part is an AppleScript application that will eject any volume named "untitled". You can of course simply use the Finder to eject the memory card. If your memory cards are named differently, you can edit the AppleScript to change the name. The script is really simple, but you do have to know how to edit AppleScripts (see Apple's help for more information on that).

I am currently planning an addition to Cameraid that would combine the functions of these shortcuts and do even more. I don't know exactly when it will be done, but as it is something I feel would be very useful, I'm pretty sure it will get done, eventually.