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Digital Camera Magazine, January 1999:

"Cameraid is a very useful piece of Mac shareware that has some functions not found anywhere else. And since it's small, it runs well even on ancient Macintoshes."

eMediaWeekly, 02-01-1999:

This was their last issue and they failed to send me a copy, so no quote is available.

MacFormat, summer 1998:

Notice sent by a user: "Good review in MacFormat"


Online References

Review in "About This Particular Macintosh"

"This is a program you do not want to be without if you use digital cameras more than once a year. I wholeheartedly recommend it; it is simply excellent."


Review in MacObserver:

"The robust connectivity features alone make Cameraid worth the price. The advanced transform, batch, grading and HTML features may make this the only tool you'll need to extract and manipulate your pictures. "


Apple Tech Info Library article:

08/25/98 - Power Macintosh G3: Tips for Downloading Images from Olympus Cameras special report:
summer 1998, before a major feature update to version 1.1:

"Use Cameraid - Get the shareware program Cameraid; it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the Olympus utility, but it downloads and erases images much faster than Olympus' own software, and is a lot more reliable on connection."


Keyspan's president, Mike Ridenhour on 2/28/99:

"We have found Juri Munkki's Cameraid shareware software to be quite valuable (and his knowledge of cameras has also been useful)."

Nikon Europe:
Can I use iMac and G3 computers with the E-700, E-900 and E-950?

French & German version of the page are available, so this is a loose translation: Nikon Europe unofficially advises that Cameraid may be used to access the images in the camera. Nikon's own software is currently incompatible with machines without built-in serial ports.

Dave Etchells of

(extract from E-mail):

"Great program - You more than deserve my $15...

Really appreciate what you're doing to advance the interests of the community!"


Mac Smart - Douglas Matheson:

"Cameraid works great with the Olympus ... you can't beat the price."


Settimio Perlini of MacProf (Italy):

"I have mentioned your software several times in my pages since I think it is an invaluable resource for serious Mac users with a camera...."

"...Cameraid 1.1.1 la fantastica applicazione shareware.."


Software Snifffer:

"Here there is the best digital photography utility program for the Macintosh."


Internet newsgroup article extracts (from Dejanews)

"Cameraid is fabulous! It will save me hours and hours! Why oh why didn't I learn about it sooner?"

"I found a shareware program (on MacAddict's next to latest CD, I think) called Cameraid, it had a lot of good info in it's manual about transfer rates between camera and computer and how to use the program to establish the proper transfer rate. It was a lot more helpful than Olympus' utility program."

"I just registered Cameraid, and the only thing I use it for is batch thumbnail generation (I have the CD-10 card reader). Totally worth $15, esp if you have 100+ Thanksgiving pictures to go through... :)"


Selected comments from registered users

Grouped by camera type:


  • A wonderful; easy to use tool with my Olympus 600-L. Thank you!
  • Great product to use with my Olympus 320K digital camera. thanks
  • Great product. I use Olympus 600L.
  • Nice program. I use Olympus D-620L (1400XL)
  • Thanks for this product. Without it I cannot use my Olympus
  • Much better than the Olympus software included with the camera


  • What an improvement over Nikon Coolpix 900 Mounter!
  • I can use my Nikon with my new G3 now; thanks.


  • I like the download speed - much faster than my Epson software.

Fujifilm, Apple, Toshiba:

  • Works great with my Fuji MX-700 and PowerMac w/OS8.5.
  • It's worth the fee just for the 230K-speed communication with my Fujifilm DX-9!
  • A must0have for the Apple QT-200
  • Works great on Quicktake 200 & Fuji MX700

General comments:

  • Happy it downloads in the background
  • Great program; delivers as promised; and better at background
  • Batch Processing rules. It's worth the $15 alone.
  • A lifesaver with the new G3!
  • Great program! It became indispensable to me within the first 30 minutes.
  • Great piece of work and thanks for the prompt response the other day
  • Magnificent time saving piece of software! Thank you!
  • Very cool program. Makes it actually fun to download the pics
  • I have really needed Cameraid and didn't even know it!
  • Nice job. Cameraid is the kind of software that makes shareware work.
  • Cameraid really is a great piece of software! Thank you!
  • Wonderful documentation.
  • Awesome tool! Couldn't live without it.
  • We have greatly appreciated your product. Good Luck
  • Fantastic program! No hesitation to pay the shareware fee on this
  • A very efficient software! Thank you.
  • Great tool! Thanks
  • Great Product; well worth the fee!
  • Nicely done!!!
  • What a great program! Thanks!
  • Love it :-)

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