Q: Is Cameraid compatible with my camera?
A: Read the compatibility document.

Q: What about MacOS X support?
A: Yes, Cameraid Carbon is fully compatible with MacOS X. If you need serial port download capability, use the Classic version of Cameraid under the Classic environment.

Q: I bought Cameraid a few years ago, do I have to pay for updates?
A: Classic version updates are free, but you may have to buy the Carbon version, if you wish to upgrade to it. The
release notes page has more details.

Q: I have USB and my camera is inaccessible from the digicam control window.
A: The digicam control window is only for old style serial connections, either through a regular serial port or a USB to serial adapter. Use it, if your camera doesn't provide USB. Read the
compatibility document for further information.

For information on other topics, please read the manual.



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